Wiener Biedermeiersolisten

The Wiener Biedermeiersolisten, all members or former members of the renowned orchestra of the Wiener Volksoper, have performed since 1990 as successful mediators of the Viennese music style in the tradition of the Wiener Volksoper and Willi Boskovsky's  in the most important concert halls in the world; in Vienna the Wiener Biedermeiersolisten perform, inter alia, in the Wiener Volksoper. Their numerous CD recordings - especially the waltz transcriptions of the Second Viennese School (published by Camerata Tokyo) - show the quality and versatility of the ensemble. Not only does their repertoire include the classical Viennese music of the Biedermeier with its waltzes, polkas, marches and quadrilles, but also the music of the Viennese operetta and the Wienerlied with great representatives of their genre: Peter Minich, Melba Ramos, Isabella Labuda, Elisabeth Flechl, Melanie Holiday, Richard Karczikowsky, Burgtheater Fritz Lehmann ... 

The encounter with the Wiener Biedermeiersolisten - the musical ambassadors of the Viennese lifestyle from the home of waltz and operetta, the traditional music and culture of the Biedermeier period - leads the audience on a joyful and lighthearted journey into a colorful fantasy world far from the gray everyday life – for an evening, the musicians conjure up the old musical Vienna in the concert hall, using only their instruments and their art.

The Wiener Biedermeiersolisten were founded in 1990 by Professor Wolfgang Jelinek. Original Members were Professor Hans Grötzer (Violin), Michael Schierhuber (Violin), Professor Wolfgang Jelinek (Viola) and Mario Schott-Zierotin (Double bass). Necessary changes in personnel have always been taken with a strict consideration to preserve the traditional music style cultivated since 1990. The ensemble decided in 2017 to add a violoncello to the original quartet - 2 violins, viola, double bass.

The ensemble continues to convey the tradition of Viennese music after Doyens Hans Grötzer (1955-1993 concertmaster of the Vienna Volksoper) and Willi Boskovsky (1955-1979 conductor of the New Year's Concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic), who had shaped the performance style of Viennese music over decades. Grötzer and Boskovsky were longtime colleagues in the Viennese Staatsopernorchester. Both of them have always taken this seemingly light muse seriously, always "served" it without artificiality and without exaggeration and let the charm of this music speak for itself. Thus, the audience was able to capture this music in all its purity and originality, as well as the joy of the musicians in their clear musical language.

Faithful to this style, which has made Viennese music so famous and popular worldwide since the beginning of the 1950s, the Wiener Biedermeiersolisten guarantee a classical reproduction of Viennese music, without submitting to fashionable influences, but with the captivating charm of the Biedermeier which will be presented in the special way of this ensemble - with the playful, touching, funny, tender, lovely, charming melancholic elements which are typical for the Viennese style of music.


CDs (Selection : Videos)

Die Schönbrunner 


Im Kahlenbergerdörfel– Works of FAHRBACH 
(with Dieter Flury / Fl., Peter Schmidl / Kl.) 


Wiener Gemüths-Walzer  


Wiener Gemüt – Works of FAHRBACH Vol.2


Walzer-Transcription by Second Viennese School 
(with Christian Schulz, Mika Mori, Barbara Gisler-Haase, Peter Schmidl)


Wiener Kinder